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What's your monthly electric bill?
What's your monthly electric bill?
Smart solar savings.
Detailed energy insights.
Clean energy management for your home.
A family of happy Palmetto customers becomes long-term support comes standard.

We’re into long-term relationships.

Clean energy is not a short-term solution, so why bother with a short-term approach? Plug into a lifetime of clean energy savings with Palmetto's end-to-end solutions. From solar design and financing to tracking, maintenance, resources, and support—we’ve got you covered!
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You have to see it to conceive it.

Overhead image of solar system design.
Want to see if solar is right for you? Yeah, us too. We’ve built the most sophisticated solar feasibility and energy modeling platform in the industry to take the guesswork out of going solar. Opt in to lower costs with instant solar design, detailed savings forecasts, and $0 down solar lease, purchase, and subscription options.
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Monitor your solar system performance in the industry leading Palmetto App.

Clean energy is smart. We make it smarter.

Now, you don’t need to track bills or compare rates to optimize your savings. You just need the right partner. Take control of your electricity with Palmetto, the “most forward-thinking” solar company in the U.S.
Customized. Panelized.
Get better savings by the hour with custom solar solutions tailored to your home and energy needs.
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"Best customer service"
"Best customer service"
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