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Refer friends. Earn rewards.

The Palmetto Referral Program is a quick way to expand your impact and earnings! Log in to your Palmetto account and select Referrals to get started.
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Get paid with 2 simple steps
Help spread the word on Palmetto clean energy! With just five minutes and a home address, Palmetto can map solar offset potential, recommend a system size, and forecast monthly and long-term savings—giving friends the information they need to see if solar is right for their household.
  1. Share
Visit the Referrals page in your Palmetto account to find your personal referral link that you can share with anyone you think will benefit from going solar.
2. Earn
Earn rewards for every referral that goes solar with Palmetto, paid when the installation is complete.*
Send a Referral
Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

With the Palmetto Referral Program, you can send referrals and earn rewards for every solar energy system installed through Palmetto, using your personal referral link. All you need to get started is a Palmetto account. Log in and select Referrals (from the navigation) to:
  • Share your link with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Watch your earnings and environmental impact grow with every system installed

I referred a friend to Palmetto but didn’t use my personal referral link. Am I eligible for a reward?

The Palmetto Referral Program relies on a personal referral link, available through the Palmetto account or App, to track and credit referrals. Referrals made by any other means—including text, email, word of mouth, and our previous Refer a Friend program—are not eligible for the referral reward. To receive credit for the sale and be eligible for payment, all purchases must be made from your personal referral link. Please encourage friends and family to follow your link when they’re ready to purchase. Visit the Palmetto Terms and Conditions for more information.

How can I access my Palmetto account?

If you are a Palmetto customer, you should have received a welcome email with instructions to activate your account and access the Palmetto App. If you have not received that email at the address you provided to Palmetto, go to and click "Don’t remember your password?" to request a new invitation.

To whom should I send a referral?

Send to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues—anyone you know who might benefit from solar, whether they’re in your state or not. Palmetto currently operates in more than 20 states, though availability will depend on location and electricity provider. There are two key requisites: Properties must be residential and your contact must be the homeowner in order to proceed. Let your community know that you have an easy way to learn about solar, without a salesperson coming into their home and pressuring them to sign. Instead, they’ll receive a simple link from a trusted friend that shows them how solar energy could benefit them and our planet.

How can I increase my referral fees and impact?

The two best ways to increase your referral fees and impact are:
  • Educate yourself about solar. Visit Why Solar? for a quick rundown of benefits, incentives, and frequently asked questions.
  • Expand your outreach and engagement. To expand your outreach and engagement, go social! See FAQs "Can I use social media to share my referral link?" and "How can I find new referrals?" below.

Can I use social media to share my referral link?

Social media is one of the best ways to spread the word on Palmetto. When posting about Palmetto, make sure to include your personal referral link along with some of the benefits you see of working with Palmetto and making the switch to solar. It’s often helpful to share your own experience: why you believe in clean energy, why you chose to go solar, or why you recommend Palmetto over other solar providers. The Palmetto Referral Program is an easy way to take action against climate change while helping friends, neighbors, and family to save money. If you’re already active on social media, it can be a great way to spread the word.

What are the expectations?

There are lots of ways to share your personal referral link—text, email, social media, etc.—and you can share as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. Please remember to be polite. We hold our values of integrity and customer satisfaction high! Together, we can lead the world towards a clean energy future.

How can I find new referrals?

Connect with neighbors by joining the NextDoor app, attend neighborhood events, or host your own block party! One of the best times to share the word on clean energy is solar installation day. If you or one of your referrals are having solar installed on your home, consider hosting a celebration so friends and neighbors can see the process and learn more about the benefits of solar.

How much of an environmental impact can I make?

The average solar energy system will produce power for more than 25 years and prevent tons of carbon dioxide from reaching our atmosphere. Imagine the impact you can make every time you help someone take control of their power by installing a solar energy system on their home.

Why Palmetto? What makes you different?

At Palmetto, we believe that clean energy is for everyone and strive to increase access to clean energy in every community we serve. Through the Palmetto Referral Program, you have the opportunity to help transform your neighborhood into a solar-powered community. All homeowners need to get started is a sunny roof and a recent electric bill from one of our many approved electricity providers.

*Referral payments are made by Palmetto and will begin processing within sixty (60) days once a solar project reaches installation complete status. Any payment over $600 per calendar year must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service and requires a W-9 from the recipient for the payment to begin processing.