Our mission is to guide the world towards a future powered by clean energy. This requires a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds who share a passion for excellence. Meet some of the talented individuals who are driving the Palmetto movement forward.

Board of Directors
Chris Kemper
Steven Mandel
Chamath Palihapitiya
Social Capital
Will Szczerbiak
Molly Graham  
Independent Advisor
Chris Dawson
Independent Advisor
Kyle Burks
Independent Advisor
Observers & Advisors:
Brock Smith, Evergy Ventures
Ken MacKinnon, MKB
Tom Rand, Arctern
Vikas Gupta, Shell Ventures
Sean Hayes, Palmetto
Larry Summers, Former Treasury Secretary
Philip Stephens, Palmetto
Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami
Monica Williams, Equity Project
Mike Lamach, Independent Advisor
Jared Wray, Independent Advisor
Neil Chatterjee, Independent Advisor

Our Investors